Welcome to Sketch!

Part 1: Adobe Photoshop

Part 2: Adobe Illustrator


Part 3: Sketch

Sketch Topics

  1. What is Sketch?
  2. Tour of the Interface
  3. Basic Features of Sketch
  4. Exporting Designs
  5. Plugins
  6. Design a Mobile App

What is Sketch?

Sketch is an native Mac app intended to create web and mobile app designs.

  • ✨ Native app
  • ✨ Vector based tool
  • ✨ Plugins = Magic
  • ✨ Integrates well with Prototyping tools

  • 👎 Only available on Macs

Tour of the Interface


Tour of the Interface

Infinite Canvas

Tour of the Interface

Layer List

Tour of the Interface


Basic Features of Sketch:

  1. Framing your project with Artboards
  2. Moving Around the Project
  3. Creating, Editing, Grouping Layers
  4. Fast & Easy Alignments
  5. Styles! Shadows, Borders, and more
  6. Text and Layer Style
  7. Making Reusable symbols (buttons, etc)

Framing your project with Artboards

  • Preset Options
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Resize Options
  • Multiple Boards
    (option + click to duplicate)

Framing your project with Artboards

Find the Responsive Wireframe Kit at:

File > New From Template... > Web Design

Moving Around the Project

  • CMD + 1 to see entire project
  • CMD + 2 to zoom in on selection
  • CMD + and CMD - to zoom in and out
  • CMD + . is Present mode

Let's Develop It! 💻

Go to Workspace Page. Create an artboard or two and rename to "Practice Artboard" and "Practice Arboard 2". Practice zooming in and out of your artboards.

Creating, Editing, Grouping Layers

  • CMD + Click to select layers
  • Shift + Option to scale
  • Option + Click to drag
  • CMD + G to group layers

Creating, Editing, Grouping Layers

  • "T" = adds text
  • Auto vs. Fixed text
  • Text Options

Fast & Easy Alignments

Let's Develop It! 💻

Add some shapes and text to your artboard. Group and rename layers appropriately. Try using the keyboard commands in the previous slides.

Suggestion: Go to your favorite website and try to recreate the header or another UI component from that site.

Styles! Shadows, Borders, and more

  • Multiple Fills & Borders
  • Shadows
  • Edit > Set as Default

Let's Develop It! 💻

Have some fun adding colors, borders and other styles to your current artboards.

Suggestion: Try adding different fills including an image with a gradient overlay, try adding fills to text layers including image, add some drop shadows to your design.

Text and Layer Styles

  • Reusable styles for layers and text
  • Update Across the Project
  • Use "/" to create folders

Making Reusable Symbols

  • Start by making a group of layers you want to repeat
  • Use "/" to create folders
  • Symbols Page - Artboard sizes matter
  • Overrides are your friend
  • Nested Symbols

Let's Develop It! 💻

Let's start with a basic button symbol.

Create a button style with text. Create multiple colors and styles to switch between in your project.

Exporting Designs: Layers and Artboards

  • Multple formats and sizes
  • Insert Slices
  • Apply background color
  • Set presets

Exporting Designs: Mirror

  • View design in iOS app or browser
  • Live updates
  • Great for user testing or presenting designs

Exporting Designs: Sketch Cloud

  • Need an account
  • Share link with team
  • Anyone can comment
  • Great for collaboration